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Resource Augmentation

Short-term projects that immediately require a staff of skilled people should not require so much spending on human resources and recruitment. NMG I.T. Outsourcing has a ready pool of staff for your company’s projects.

resourcesNMG I.T. recruits and screens people with various skills such as in writing and communications, creative design, information technology, management, administration and more.

The screening process allows these people to train and accumulate a significant body of work and project-based experiences. This makes these freelancers more marketable and in turn helps companies find quality professionals almost instantly.

Because its roster of personnel are employed and managed by NMG I.T., a company in need of retainer-basis workers can spend less time and money on human resources relations and training and standards. A company can also skip the learning curb that most entry level employees require in order to function well and produce good output.

A company simply has to identify whether it needs a team of people or individuals with specialized skills.

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